Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand, Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel
Original, sold. 
Coming soon, as a fine art giclee print


  1. Fabulous realism and detail...I love the colour contrasts too...are they your hands?
    Be cool to paint some hands to match this :)

  2. Thanks David:) Part of a series I've been working on for some time. Funny, but it has been requested, (more than several times) that I paint some feet;) Considering...

  3. Hands color feelings
    Flowing deep from heart to heart
    Loves celebration

  4. Brings this to mind:

    The hand which scoops up the water is the first vessel. The fingers of both hands intertwined are the first basket.
    ― Elias Canetti,